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Pet Grooming for the Burlington & Mebane, NC area

Pet grooming is an art that comes with experience and training. All of our certified groomers have gone through extensive training courses to ensure the best possible outcome for each and every breed of dog. Mike Zimmerman oversees all grooming work to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the way your pet looks when they leave our facility.

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• We Cater To All Breeds


• Nails - $10
• Bath & Nails - $30 and up (based on size and coat condition)
• Groom - $40 and up (Call for rates)

Pet Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog is an essential part of canine care. It promotes good looks and improves the quality of life for your pooch.


Most dogs only need to be bathed every two to four months, unless they have a penchant for rolling in the mud. Bathing your dog too often can actually be unhealthy as it will wash away natural oils necessary for proper skin and fur health.  We use all hypo-allergenic shampoos.  Pets can & should be bathed once every 2-4 weeks. 

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Not only does brushing your dog’s coat leave him or her looking great, but it also distributes healthy natural oils and removes dead skin and hair. If at all possible, try to brush your dog every few days to leave your pup looking and feeling fantastic.

Nail Trimming

You should check the length of your dog’s nails every two weeks, though you might hear them first. A good dog owner knows the sound of nails clicking as a dog walks across a hard floor. Keeping nails short ensures your dog can walk comfortably and prevents potential injury.


Cleaning your dog’s ears will prevent infection and is generally more comfortable for your pup. Try to clean them at least once a week.


You brush your own teeth, so why wouldn't you brush your dog’s teeth? Two or three times a week should be enough to promote proper oral health for your pooch.

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