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The Finest Products – the Most Competitive Rates

At Ultimate Canine Care, we offer a wide selection of high-grade pet food. Thanks to our wide selection, you’ll never have to visit anyplace else to ensure the health of your canine companion. Simply purchase a bag of chow the next time you pick up your dog after their grooming appointment. It’s as simple as that.

We focus on a holistic approach for your pet’s grooming, nutritional and oral health needs. Keeping this in mind, we’re now regarded as an authorized dealer of both Pro Pac dog food and TropiClean grooming products.  Earthborn available upon request.

These grooming products are made without soap or detergent, so they won't remove Advantage, Frontline, Bio Spot or any other Spot-On-Flea products.

TropiClean is owned by the Cosmos Company, which provides a complete line of natural products that are designed to make your pet as comfortable as possible. TropiClean Fresh Breath both offers fresh breath to your pet and combats periodontal disease.

Always Choose Pro Pac

The team at Pro Pac understands how important your dog is to you. Keeping this in mind, this innovative company remains dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of your pet. When you purchase food from Pro Pac, you receive the ultimate in canine nutrition for your dog. It’s really that simple!

Take a look at the following section to learn more about Pro Pac’s current selection:

  • Bayside Select
  • Heartland Choice
  • Meadow Prime
  • Overland Red
  • Large Breed Adult (Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula)

  • Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula
  • Mature (Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula)
  • Puppy (Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula)
  • Large Breed Puppy (Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula)

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